Alston Artists

...on the edge

Alston Artsts...on the edge
Alston Artists
is a group of professional artists from around Alston who occasionally collaborate in exhibiting their work through exhibitions, an Art Fair and open studio events.

For the summer of 2012, we are exhibiting at

Alston Art Space,

                                    Camelot House,
                                    in the heart of Alston

Alston with Cross Fell in the background

Alston Moor sits astride the 'Roof of England', high in the North Pennines. For centuries it has inspired creative minds with its mix of nature and culture. It is a landscape forged from a geology of precious minerals, set in a unique biological environment, forming the watershed for the three great rivers of the North-East — the Tyne, Tees and Wear.

contemporary artists producing contemporary responses to their environment

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