Madae ZoZo


International Celebrity Teller of Fortunes



travels the Earth searching for her True Love. He left her one morning as the Dawn rose in their far away country, to fight for freedom, your freedom. She has to join him, her search continues. Her passion drives her on.

As she travels, she earns her living as a Teller of Fortunes. These are no ordinary fortunes, but Fortunes of Great Wisdom, Snippets and Stories to guide you to your True Path. She likes to paid in silver and crisp notes. She also likes fine silks, wholesome food and chocolate with a high cocoa content.

Madame ZoZo does not like things that harm our ecology nor dominate the minds of human beings, so that they can not think for themselves. She will tell you bluntly what these are. Madame ZoZo sees your Potential and will leave you in no doubt.

Madame ZoZo has been travelling for many years, in many countries and she has exceptional insight and reading. She has a vivid, strong personality and is particularly a character to invite to your parties, celebrations, event and festivals.

The Testimonies from Celebrants

“Madame ZoZo is a passionate woman, I felt as though she had known me all my life. I will never forget her”. – Bruce, Edinburgh , Scotland .

“Madame ZoZo is astounding. How did she know these things about me? Be warned though, this is no ordinary lady – Une Dame Formidable!” – Celine, Marseilles .

“Madame ZoZo knew my heart. Never did I believe she could read my soul. She tells you the Truth and Life is never the same”. – Vladimir, NoviBelgrade , Serbia .

“Madame ZoZo is thoroughly entertaining and hilarious in her delivery. I really recommend her for your parties”. – Bridget, London , England .

“Madame ZoZo, the incorrigible woman. She turned our rather dull event into a unforgettable success. I recommend her without reservation”. – Henri, St. Malo , France .

“Madame ZoZo is a most honourable lady. Since she visited our Company, we have been inundated with enquires”. – Maharajah of Chatagaon.

“Madame ZoZo was so welcome to our reservation. She brought her wisdom and we shared a peace dance.” – Running Bear, Moose Jaw , Saskatchewan .

“Madame ZoZo danced with us and told the Truth until the Dusk became Midnight ”. – Paolo, Recife , Brazil .

“Madame ZoZo was welcomed to the Cook Islands by the Polynesian people. She didn't bring apples, she brought laughter for a night and we danced.” – Tula , Cook Islands .

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[“Madame ZoZo knew our ways and appreciated our Theatre of Noh. She does not like coca-cola. Madame ZoZo is most inscrutable and always saves face”. – Takaya, Kyoto , Japan .]

“ Madame ZoZo was great for our girls' night out. She knows a thing or two about men. My hen night and she got my second divorce straight away”. – Morag, North Berwick , Scotland .

“Madame ZoZo is no tutti friuti. My Mama says she makes beautiful story and I know she eats i funghi” – Massimo, Milano, Italia.

“Madame ZoZo knows why we put gold on the churches iglesia femenino, our people may be hungry, but they are hungry for her stories”. – Maria, Zaragosa , Spain .

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